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Saturday, June 26, 2010

14th Annual PAAC Opening

Here I am last night at the PAAC Opening held at Saks Gallery in Cherry Creek, Denver. These are the four paintings I got in to the show this year. The show looks great, so if you have the time to make it in to see it, I would recommend going. Today there will be a painting demo by Jeff Legg, on painting at traditional still life. Funny to have that at a plein air show. You would think the demo would be outside painting the streets and shops of Cherry Creek North, or even the facade/alley of Saks!

I was delighted to see someone I met at the Summer Art Market, who had bought one of my little plein air pieces,  had come and brought a friend. Her friend really liked my alley piece, which I overheard. This photo was taken by a new friend that I met last night, Christine LaPierre. Thank you, Christine. It was Charlie Bogusz who reminded me that I needed to have a photo for my blog with me and my art. You wouldn't think I would need the reminder!


Aloha Sistah said...

Nice shot of you and of your work. Congratulations on having 4 pieces accepted. Well-deserved, but quite a coup nonetheless.

victoriasart said...

Yes it was a coup!