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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Emerson Street Alley taking shape

Here is where the latest alley painting stands as of this morning. I haven't had a chance to work on it for the past two weeks with the art market happening last weekend. It does look very different from the blockin. I have cooled down the shadow shape. I have not punched the light yet, wanting to be sure I have the shadow reading correctly first and keep it unified since it is the largest area. I worked on defining the truck in the foreground and the trailer as well as giving more shape to the dumpsters going down the alley. The recycle bins have not been touched and I still need to give shape to the clump of trees not yet in bloom that is still a kind of beige blob dead center. I am not inclined to work on this piece this morning.

I am going to work on the Alley in Spring first. I have decided it needs some work. I plan on putting the little westie in it like I did for the plein air study. (I actually did some touch up on the study since I posted it, darkening the road to make him pop more). I also have decided the studio painting needs more color in the blooming trees. Both trees (red bud and crab apple) are too one dimensional. It really helped taking it to work this week after looking at it at the art market. It sure does help "to see" when I hang a painting at work as the light is different and I am out of my milieu. Just "hanging out" there in other words.

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