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Monday, June 21, 2010

the Weekend Ends

Saturday I did work on the "Alley in Spring" painting as I thought I would. I added the little Westie, worked on the two trees in bloom as well as a few other things, like refining the truck, redid the sky completely and then added color and interest to the tree in the upper left hand corner, tying the color into the rest of the painting. The clump of fresh budding green trees got a little work as well and while I had green out, I tidied up the green wheelbarrow. I knew when I put this in my show at Bell Gallery that it really wasn't finished, so it was good to take this piece a bit further. I won't say it is completed, as I want to sit on it awhile longer. Back to work it goes tomorrow. I may take it in on Saturday for critique if I decide to go to Kevin's Saturday class. Kevin can always find ways to push me which is a good thing. I am a very lazy painter, if the truth be known.

close up of Sassy Boots, better known as "Pearl."

The "Emerson Street Alley" I put on my easel this afternoon. I had a "dream" from Mark Daily after yesterday's post about how can you get the shadow shape value correct if you don't have the light to relate it to? I started putting in the light. He is right. Relationships are so important; value, color, size, shape etc. I do get it, just old habits die hard. I lightened the sky in this painting as well. I worked on the small details of the car in the very rear of the alley, the recycle bins, the trees got a bit of attention but are far from finished. The telephone poles also need work. I

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Travelingrant said...

I love that close up of 'sassy boots', you've really captured the flavor of a Westie!