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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alley Critique

I took this painting in this morning for critique as I believed I had made the red bud too light in value. Before going back in and working on it I wanted Kevin's opinion, and he did agree. BUT he said maybe I should use the purple/pink color of the redbud, mixed with the green from the trees behind it with the sky color, which he said is too blue, make the overall value of the sky lighter, and then the red bud would be okay. He said the sky is just a bit too blue for the overcast day it was. Otherwise, he said it is a fine painting and I did a good job on the local tone feel of it. (ie no light and shadow, and three value groups: light, medium and dark). I also took in the "truck" alley painting, and it is not near being complete so there was a lot to say about that one. I will give that in a second post as I want to put the before and after in one blog post. and it is thundering and lightening out right now and I want to get off the computer!

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