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Saturday, September 13, 2008

adding color to a b&w underpainting is not as easy as you would think

It was raining hard Friday morning (yesterday) and so I opted to stay in the studio and paint over one of my b&w paintings. Remember that the assignment is to paint in three values of b&w and then to add color over it without using any references, just the value underpainting as your guide. I discovered that I wanted to "paint by numbers" doing this exercise and I was losing the expressive brushwork of the black and white underpainting, which I had done quickly. I also note that I lost the shapes in and around the adirondack chairs. I haven't yet decided how much I want to dink on this but this is the first go round. I also left off the "office" and I added to many sky holes in the trees. This is going to be a humbling exercise for me. I also see that I should not photograph art at my easel in the evening. the light from the left is a bit stronger than the right, even though it does creat a nice gradation from left to right...
I am off to participate in the "quick draw" today at the Art Museum.

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