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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Denver Plein Aire festival is over

Here are some photos posted of artists painting throughout the event. Yours truely is just off to the side in more than a few of these photos but didn't quite fit in. Saturday was the Quick Draw down at the new wing of the Denver Art Museum. A quick draw for those of you new to this genre, is generally a set amount time (2 hours in this case), in a set place (Martin Plaza) and sometimes even painting the same subject. I decided to push myself again, so opted for a 12"x12" format, which although I did get the canvas covered and my shapes in place, I did not get the values in as I wanted them before my time was up. The photo of the painting is above. I did work on this painting on Sunday, so now the statues actually have some heft to them. I will post the finished work once it is where I want it. A passerby gave this painting its name: Holy Cow! You can see that this size canvas stretches the limit of my pochade box. I discovered too late that the new ultramarine blue I ordered (new brand for me) does not have the depth of color that I am used to and I struggled to get the right colors mixed. This was not the day to take an unknown color along! Live and learn.

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