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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Creek Crossing

Creek Crossing, 12x12, oil on linen panel
Here is something a bit different from all the still life setups I have been doing this month. The direction I was going here was to keep every thing very simple and in that I think I succeeded. It may still need a bit of fine tuning but I made myself stop as simple is simple and maybe it is time to just let some things be. Hard as that is for me to do.

I was up in Parmalee Gulch on a plein air paint out a number of years ago and we were painting along this creek when these kids came into view. I had forgotten all about this image but came across it recently and it was just what I was looking for and didn't know it.
Queen Anne's Lace, plein air study, Parmalee Gulch
This is what I was working on when the kids crossed the creek near me. The shadows were deep that fine summer day.

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