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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hildebrand Ranch - Jeffco Open Space Park

Barn, 12x12, oil on linen panel
Today was the first time I have been out with Plein Air Artists of Colorado (PAAC) in years. It was a gorgeous morning the day after a spring like snow that came through yesterday. I have had such good intentions to get out and join them before now, but it has been amazingly difficult to add that to my schedule. I painted alone but I did go over and say hi to the group clustered on the bridge. There were a few of us singletons spread around but most were on the bridge.

I know that this is a dangerous composition; square format and subject smack dab in the middle!  I had tried to trek through the snow to get to the sunny side view but then all my gear and my feet would have been in the snow. There was no dry place over there. So I stood in the parking lot and dry pavement. Sort of dictated my view. There are a group of bare trees to the right that I have not added yet and will help break up the even sides. I had thought to paint from the road and paint the shadow side but I liked this well enough to give it a go.

The meeting place was Hildebrand Ranch Park. I had never heard of it and the reason is that it is a fairly new addition to Jeffco Open Space. It looks like some place I would like to go back to and hike. It is right up against the foothills just past the entrance to DBG at Chatfield. I am thinking the views to the east will be worth it.

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