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Monday, January 2, 2017

January Goal - 30 paintings in 30 days

I am not sure how long Leslie Saeta has been running her 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, but I participated in it last January. Surprisingly I believe I got to 25 'paintings' done (loosely using the term paintings as a few were more like studies), although my goal was anything over 15 and I would be happy. I am not participating in this worthy challenge this year as far as uploading to her website but I am going to do my best to do it for myself as a way to start off the new year.

Sewing Kit, 7.5x4.5, oil on panel
I found this odd sized board and decided to use it for a small study as you see above. I have not had large chunks of time to be at my easel during the holidays so small sounded like something I could accomplish quickly.

In my studio I have a piece I did in one of my 'get a painting done in 30 minutes' period a few years back. Here it is:
Scissor study on sample watercolor paper postcard stock
I have it in a plastic sleeve attached by binder clip to an old cigar box in my studio. During my art open house a month ago, I cannot tell you how many people commented on this little 4x6 painting. My mentor, Kevin Weckbach, used the term "sweet." Seriously. A pair of sewing scissors. I keep it up to remind me how even a pair of sewing scissors can be painted well, and apparently I was right in my assessment.

In my new found freedom of no longer working, I decided to go through my collection of still life items I have in an attempt to use them or see what might inspire. I found a pair of hand made Indian scissors; cool, right? In that vein I had been doing some sewing repairs long overdue so I had all kinds of items at hand that lent themselves to playing with the idea of sewing. I wiped off more false starts than I can mention trying to get these 'cool' scissors to not only look right but be interesting. Long story short, I remembered the attention these little Fiskers got so I pulled them out and threw them in and viola! Problem solved. I think the bright orange plastic handles are just more fun then dull brass but I am not giving up on them as subject just yet.

Does anyone even use pin cushions anymore or sew for that matter? I still have some wooden spools of various sizes and shapes and I think they might lend themselves to some fun this month, too. TBD

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