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Friday, January 6, 2017

Put it in your pipe and smoke it

An Odd Trio, 6x8, oil on Masonite
 A quick study done to say I painted this day. I pulled out this slick surfaced piece of Masonite being too lazy to give it a quick coat of gesso. The paint just skips over the surface, so for me with the attraction to big flat colors, it adds a texture whether I like it or not! Again, using scraps of paper to add some visual interest. Here are the much maligned hand-made brass handled scissors from India from a previous post, a mini magnifying glass that was my mother's, and a Meershaum pipe I believe belonged to my brother-in-law. This particular pipe looks like a Scotsman by the use of a thistle on his headdress not visibly apparent in this quick sketch. I had these three object in a can that I unceremoniously dumped things into to save for future use, like now.

I had originally thought I would work on this more later, but I decided I like it as is for now and am moving on.

I went looking for Meershaum pipes online as I was not sure how to spell the name. These pipes are not inexpensive so I am glad I held on to them.

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